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From the very first guitar blast ripping into `Baby Keep Talkin` this release comes charging out of the gate like a rodeo bull having a bad horn day. If you like rock hard, raw and snarling out of your speakers loud enough to frighten the neighbors, definitely look this act up.

             Otis My Man doesn’t play fast, they don’t sing melodies , and the back up vocals couldn’t be called harmonies. Rock & Roll doesn’t need any of that and OTIS III is a record that rocks hard and delivers old school twelve-pack-in-the-garage joy in every tune. These guys love to play loud and dirty and it shows. Every song has its hair swinging and it’s fist in the air.

             The most immediate comparison would be seminal 70’s shock rockers The Godz. Certainly Michael Kinard’s vocals sound as though he could have graduated from the Eric Moore `Rip Your Throat To Pieces` school of hard rock singing and his overdriven guitar attack is straight out of the late seventies/early eighties. His sound harkens back to that hazy era when acid rock became heavy metal.

             If you’re a fan of sludgefest stoner rock by bands like Monster Magnet or Fu Manchu this would slot right into your CD collection.

             If you want pretty-boy arena party-rock this ain’t it but fans of The Stooges and MC5 should give it a listen. It might make you want to put the band back together.


BY John Leach

Brevard Live, February 2012



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