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`I listen to you guys the whole way to school today, and I completely love you.

Kristin, Newark Delaware, USA


Hey your Music is straight from the heart. I love it. There aren’t that many bands out there that sing from the heart anymore. There are some but not too many. Your music is GREAT I love it.

Chi Mui, Saskatchewan Canada


My Favorite….. For A Few Coins!!!!

Erica, Deltona Florida, USA



You guys have Great Music, Brilliant Talent

Melissa, Furlong, Pennsylvania USA


Great, Love it. How do you come up with the inspiration for so many AMAZING Songs?

Kristy, Bridgenorth, United Kingdom


HI! Checked out your songs and they sound really nice. Wishing you all the best!

Betty, Tipp City, Ohio USA



Tina Tuskey, Manitoba, Canada


Unsaved Project

OTIS 1988/1991

OTIS 1992



Hello, I think your Music is Awesome!! Round & Round is such an amazing song.

Janice, Cushing, Oklahoma USA


U have great Music Really, Good Emotions.. Good Expressions.. Still Listening Uhu!

Tsiko, Tbilisi Georgia


I am very excited! I MUST see you all live onstage!!:) I LOVE YOUR MUSIC

Stephanie, Smyrna, Delaware USA


Hey there guy’s!! Hope you are doing well!!!! I love your tune Round & Round!! Take Care

Jeannie, Albany, New York USA



OTIS 2004/2006




OTIS your are the best! All of your experience, talent and knowledge are all in the songs!! I LOVE IT!! I think everybody regardless of age or preference need to stop by and listen!!

Lyudmila, Orlando, Florida USA


I don’t think I could ever get tired of your tune WHY, OH WHY. It’s AMAZING

David, Prince George, Canada


Hey!! Now I am a huge fan of yours and been listening to your music it seems like everyday! I believe it will never get old and you will take the charts by storm! DARK NIGHTS this song is the best!

John Jamis, Mesa, Arizona USA


HI!, Completely love your Music, Obsessed with “DARK NIGHTS” THANKS.

Tirzah, Greenville, North Carolina USA

OTIS  & TY 2008




Hey Guy’s Thanks for all your tunes, they became the sound track of at least this autumn! Keep On, Keepin On!

Kurt, Kingscliff, Australia



Ram Sharma, Reno, Nevada USA


Your guitar playing is cool!! LIKE YOUR STUFF

Alesya Frolova, Moscow Russia


Fucking Great Music! Bring Some More!!

Thomas Janecek, Chicago, Illinois USA


Guys I love your Music, It got me through some slow times.. I really hope to see you in concert sometime.. Peace & Blessings

Jacline, Roswell, Georgia USA






HI, I truly appreciate your passion for creating great music.. I am proud to have been a fan and I look forward to your new songs. Keep making meaningful music and I will always support that! Be safe and Thanks for Rockin out for us fans. Now I’m going to play WHY, OH WHY…

Jason Tielle, Columbia, South Carolina USA


I’m totally smashed by this song “WHY, OH WHY” In a good way of course!

Lamont, Pago Pago, Alabama USA


DARK NIGHTS is brilliant!, Your Music brings tears to my eyes for that is how amazing it is….

Ela, Butte, Montana USA


Your music is amazing, I’m a big fan of your work! I LUV DARK NIGHTS. If you get more time to upload more songs that would be awesome!

Helmut Kruger, Bremen Germany










Hello, I adore you and enjoy your music as do you know. Every best wish & Blessed Be.

Ezra Arakaki, Solon, Ohio USA


God Bless You with your music, keep it up. Your guys Rock, alert me if you have any new songs up.. Now I’m going to play “THE PASSING”… 

Kim, Santa Monica, California USA


Round & Round! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something like this.. Really Cool Stuff!

Sarah Ann Heimovics, Indianapolis, Indiana USA


And Elizabeth writes:

I think your music is sooo good! I’ve only just discovered you last week and I already have tunz of you music!



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